Family to Family

Welcome to Family to Family Orange County!

Every child needs a family!
Every family needs a strong community!
Together we can achieve positive outcomes for children and families!


Family to Family Strategy Groups meet regularly with a commitment to improve our services and practice to children and families in Orange County.

Parent Engagement - Find out how our successfully reunified parents are contributing to the children and families we are serving in Orange County.

Developing Community Partnerships are an integral part of supporting our families in the communities in which they reside.

Since 2004 Orange County Social Services Agency (SSA) Children and Family Services (CFS) adopted the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Family to Family (F2F) Initiative. Key principles guiding F2F's efforts include:

  • Partnering with families and the community to ensure their children live in a safe, nurturing and permanent home
  • Promoting services that are family-centered, culturally competent and community based
  • Integrating input from staff and community stakeholders to formulate strength-based practice and child welfare reform